Caitlin Marino

Spring into Busy Season

Spring is an exciting time for the housing industry, as the start of a new season often brings an influx of buyers and sellers to the market. It is known as one of the industry's most critical and hectic seasons! Preparing yourself for success with a thought-out plan on how to WIN BIG this Spring is vital; you must familiarize yourself with new real estate guidelines, requirements, and information, decide on an effective marketing strategy you can maintain while busy, and begin your outreach to prospective clients.

Begin by brushing up on your industry knowledge. Have any new municipal guidelines gone into effect in the areas you work in? Were any changes or updates made to your state's real estate forms, such as the Agreement of Sale, the Buyer's Agency Contract, or any Addendums you need to understand proficiently? Are there any other new topics about the local or national-level housing industry that you need to understand and know how to discuss? Your understanding of the industry directly impacts a client's experience; do not take that lightly!

Decide your marketing strategy for both yourself as a business and for the homes you sell. Your outline should include procedures for new client outreach and existing client engagement. Consider creating a social media presence to reach a larger audience for a minimal cost and effort. Do you need to update your listing presentation for sellers or start one from scratch? Do you have a skilled photographer in place for your photography needs? Is your home stager on speed dial? A purposeful marketing plan will help an agent's exposure and drive more business, resulting in more PROFIT! 

Pro Tip: 
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Once you thoroughly understand any industry updates and your marketing strategy is in place, how do you begin your busy season? By reaching out to prospective clients and building relationships with them! You can attend local networking events, join industry-related groups and forums, and keep in contact with past clients for referral business. While open houses are less common than in years past, they are still a great way to get in front of potential clients and show them why you are the best agent for their needs! You can also save time by investing in a CRM (customer relationship management) system to set and forget your basic client outreach.

With preparation comes success; make sure you are intentional when building your business! Prepare to maximize your success and reap the rewards that a bustling Spring real estate market can bring.

Happy Selling!