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Laura Quinn

Laura’s career as a creator started in 2009, and she has seen it all from freelance photography to Hollywood film and major broadcast network production; from large scale event planning to marketing for non-profits and industry giants alike. She now shares her expertise as a marketing professional of a national mortgage broker and with local non-profits.

Caitlin Marino

Caitlin began her housing industry career in 2016 as a top-producing Realtor, focusing her work on the metropolitan area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As the years continued and her accolades within the housing industry progressed, she found her true passion was teaching other agents to market within the industry and helping build their own real estate brands. 

Michele Bellisari

Recognized as an engaging high-energy speaker, trainer, and panelist, Michele has spoken for National Association of Realtors, Inman Connect, South Florida Tech Con, Women’s Council of Realtors, and RE/MAX Tech ‘N Touch.

Sue "Pinky" Benson

Sue is a a nationally recognized REALTOR and speaker in the Real Estate industry. She has won various awards for her unique marketing and is known for her videos. She's also a two-time winner of BombBomb's Real Estate Video Influencer.

Katie Clancy

AKA The Happiest Person in Real Estate, Katie is Sales VP at William Raveis RE. Once broke and broken, she found success by leveraging humanity across every aspect of her work. Today, she is the leader of a $30 million+ real estate team, the 2022 REALTOR® of the Year, a national industry speaker, a podcast host, and an author.

Dave Fanale

The Founder of Real Estate Skill Builder, he feels the most important thing a real estate agent must have is adaptability.

David Greenspan

David is your Real Estate Industry Coach. His focus everyday is to help his clients bridge the gap between their online and offline strategies. He is a Real Estate Coach, Marketing Strategist, the CEO & Founder of MindShare101 Inc., and the VP of KiTS Keep-in-Touch Systems. David is the voice of #MindShare101 and host of The MindShare Podcast. He is a nationally recognized Keynote Speaker and has been featured in many of our industry related news publications, on talk radio, and on Real Estate TV.

Karin Carr

Karin’s love of all things YouTube led her to create a training program for other agents around the world who want to generate a steady stream of inbound leads through video marketing. As CEO of Karin Carr Coaching, host of online community Video Boss Agent, and a best-selling author, she has become a national speaker, was the #1 BombBomb Real Estate Video Influencer of 2019, and has been featured on CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC, and Time.com.

Jen Goslin & Corrine Lincoln

Co-founders of The Nash Gals Group, this duo specializes in out of state buyers & sellers, as well as Airbnb investments. Their brand building expertise has positioned them as local experts in their market.

Steven Graff

AKA "The Green Monkey," Steven is THE go-to promotional merch guru who knows how to take your business to the next level with carefully curated, hands-on advertising that people won't throw away.

JoJo Herndon

JoJo's history in leadership roles has shaped him into a coach for both professional and personal goals. His inspiring words will help kickstart your business efforts.

Kelly Fritchman

Kelly's years in the IT industry have made him a master of cybersecurity. He's helping his clients digitally protect themselves every day, and he's sharing his best practices with you!

Sarah Pope &
Randell Jackson

Sarah and Randell work for Murphy Homes in Alabama and are bringing you their expertise about the new construction process that you and your clients experience.

Janna Fox

Janna established her own credit repair company after years in the industry. She is sharing her vast knowledge and best tips with you to help your clients raise their score and get to the closing table.

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