Caitlin Marino

The Fall Marketing Plan You Needed

Fall is a great time to set your Spring real estate market up for success. The season's festivities give ample creative opportunities to market your real estate business. Use Fall to your advantage!


Do some online digging and uncover your area's upcoming fall festivities: Hayrides, apple picking, festivals, haunted houses, and zoo-boos galore! Once you locate a few quality events, log onto your favorite online design platform (such as Canva) and create a graphic summarizing the celebrations including each date/time/location. Are you looking forward to any special Fall treats? Include that recommendation and note which events will offer it.


Your graphic could be in the form of a calendar, list, etc. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Brand the piece to your real estate business; use your brand's color(s), font(s), logo, necessary compliance details, and your preferred business contact information. When you are finished with your graphic, post it on all your social media platforms. This particular type of social media post is a great way to get online shares – an effortless way to promote yourself and spread awareness of your business!


Pro Tip:

Make sure your social media profiles are set to "public" and not "private" so others can share your post.


Get involved with the autumnal events - make your presence known in your community! On your graphic or in your post, be sure to note which events you plan to attend, and encourage people to come and say "hi" if they notice you. Participating in events like a "Trunk or Treat" or festivals that host vendor tables are great ways to meet the people in the communities you serve.


If you get involved in an event where you can hand something out, for an extra special (and allergy-friendly) treat, pass out glowsticks in your brand's specific colors. Then, add a branded tag like the image below!

Write your awesome label here.

Did you include events hosted by local businesses on your list? Ask if you can share the list you created on their bulletin board or in their shop window. You might get lucky, and a business will share your graphic on their social media platforms!