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What is AGENT U?

AGENT U helps Real Estate Agents gain knowledge that will aid in growth to build a better business.

Unique Learning Paths

Doing the same thing as everyone else will only take you so far, especially in this challenging industry. AGENT U is hyper-focused on creating a unique learning channel for maximum growth!

Monthly Video Training

Every month, we bring in an Expert Speaker to teach a specialized topic that agents can use to enhance their business. Growth through expertise is the name of the game. 

Designed and built for AGENTS who want to win.

AGENT U is designed for knowledge-hungry individuals who possess a growth mindset. Executing what you learn with AGENT U will be YOUR competitive edge.
"Jason is an amazing and articulate teacher and mentor. I've learned so much from him, and still I continue to learn more every day."

Sue "Pinky" Benson

"Jason is the real deal! I've seen him on many stages, and I have always been impressed with his industry insight, his professionalism, and how much he truly understands the struggles of real estate professionals."

Katie Lance

More benefits of

Exclusive Content

In addition to the Monthly Live Training, AGENT U will roll out new content each month to help Agents in all facets of their business. 

AGENT U Magazine

Each month, you have access to a digital or print version of our AGENT U Magazine that covers a wide range of topics full of helpful information. 

Housing Education

Get a larger view of the housing industry, end to end. AGENT U will publish education from all areas of housing so that you can be the expert. 
This decade will be won by the experts and those who execute on what they LEARN.

Become an expert today!